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Posidonio Bay.
English Introduction.
Posidonio Bay
Holiday Resort - Samos - Greece.
Posidonio Bay Holiday Resort - Samos - Greece.
Kalos Irthate sto Posidonio - A Hearty Welcome in Posidonio! Posidonio is the ideal resort for anyone looking for and valuing the ideal natural calm peaceful location. In the spring you can rejoice in the colors of the wildflowers that like a sea of flowers surround the island which is perfect for hiking and exploring. In Autumn you can experience the intense warm colors of nature, pleasant climate and the still warm sea. In the very hot summer months, the fresh blue sea of the Aegean provides you with a refreshing cooling. Immerse yourself and relax! We have an astounding variety of colors and species of flora, the same applies to the birds which can be observed here. Samos has achieved World Fame as the home of the famous mathematician Pythagoras, also famous for its heavy sweet wine which is a must to be tasted. Posidonio is a must for people who enjoy the good things that life has in store for them. Find culinary enjoyment, comfort, serenity, relaxation and authenticity. Hustle and bustle here are foreign words. We are proud of our excellent Greek cuisine, especially the specialties of the house our seafood, other dishes on offer make an important part of our culture and will provide your palate with great pleasure. Taste and feel Greece with your senses! Look at it like Anthony Quinn, who once explained why he always likes to go to Greece and has also often acted roles as a Greek. He said, "That's easy. For me there is no doubt that the Greeks are the most wonderful people on earth. Their naturalness and joy of life are not covered by all sorts of wrong values of modern society. They know how to live with the past and the present. THEY LIVE IN NOW! " Come and stay in the quiet fishing village of Posidonio in our wonderful holiday resort. Surrounded by pine trees, cypresses, olive trees and wild flora this is a beautiful property about 12 km from the capital of Vathi. Posidonio is located in the southeast corner of the island and is about a 25 minutes drive from the airport in Phythagorion. It has a good local cuisine, a coffee shop, an outdoor swimming pool and an associated pebble beach. Relax and enjoy your well deserved vacation. The studios and apartments in Posidonio Holiday Resort offers an authentic, rustic interior. Each room offers air conditioning (which can be rented for a reasonable fee) and a balcony or terrace with views of the bay and sea also the beautiful backdrop of the Mykali Mountains of Turkey, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and (depending on accommodation type ) more bedrooms. The continental ( Greek) breakfast is served each morning on the terrace of the tavern, which also grants you a magnificent view of the turquoise sea and radiating Turkey. Nowhere is the view of the Asian continent so intense and the mountains so close at hand as here. This will ensure your day starts well.  A selection of traditional Greek delicacies awaits you at the taverna. Let us spoil you so to enjoy your time in Posidonio! Turkey can be reached from the town of Samos from a nearly 1.5 hour boat ride. Visit the town of Kusadasi and the world famous archaeological site of Ephesus near the town of Selcuk. Explore other Greek islands of Samos, you will be fascinated by the beauty and the charm of Greece. We look forward to welcoming you in Posidonio! We also hope you enjoy exploring this Web site!
Posidonio Bay Holiday Resort - Samos - Greece.